Born and raised in Athens, creators and sisters Eirini and Venetia share a passion for design and hand crafted jewelry.
Inspired by the beauty of Greece and its many islands, the team at Sparkling Wishes wanted to recreate special memories by designing jewelry that was not only unique but also included packaging that would have a lasting impression.
Each piece comes with a quote that puts meaning behind the jewelry each time it is worn.
Since officially launching in 2013, the Sparkling Wishes label has caught the attention high-end boutiques across Europe, America and Australia.
Each piece is made with care and precision paying attention to the quote that goes with it.
Using the highest quality sterling silver .925 and products, all pieces are hand crafted in Greece.
With Eirini and Venetia now firmly entrenched in their dream job surrounded by an inspiring team, Sparkling Wishes has gone from strength to strength with over 150 pieces in the collection.

Lucy Caia

Loving my Sparkling Wishes braclet, always reminds me of my happy place 🙂

Lucy Caia Facebook
Sophie Lipton

Really enjoying wearing my Sparkling Wishes jewellery, I get so many compliments, I love it! Especially my Faith bracelet, thanks for reminding me to always have hope xo

Sophie Lipton hella


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